Medical Treatment After an Injury


I am continually running into problems in my cases where an injured client does not continue medical treatment or has large gaps in treatment after an injury.  Insurance companies and defense attorneys are using this against injured to claim that they were not hurt “that bad” or that they are just going back to the doctor to raise the amount of medical bills.  Here a re a few tips to keep in mind if you have been injured at work or due to the negligence of another party:

1.    Go To The Emergency Room Immediately

When you are injured, it is important to seek immediate medical treatment to determine the extent of your injuries.  If possible, be sure to tell the treating physician exactly what part of your body is pain.  This will help immediately document what and where is hurting.

2.    Follow Up With a Primary Care Doctor or Specialist

 The ER doctor will usually advise you to follow up with a specialist or primary care doctor.  It is important to schedule these appointments as soon as possible if you are still in pain.

3.    Attend All of Your Physical Therapy Sessions

When a doctor prescribes physical therapy, it is a good idea to attend all the visits and not to skip any sessions.  Even if you are feeling better toward the end of therapy, continue to go to all the sessions that your doctor prescribed.

4.    Avoid Large Gaps in Treatment

 If you continue to have pain from your injuries, do not wait several months to go back to your doctor.  Try to see your doctor at least once a month if you continue to have problems.

5.    Do Not seek Pain Medication Refills Without Consulting your Doctor

Pain medication can be very helpful for serious injuries but doctors and medical offices will document if you are frequently using more than is prescribed and are seeking refills before the prescription has run out.  Use only the amounts that your doctor has advised and talk to the doctor, in person, to discuss other options if the medication is not helping.

6.    Complete Your Treatment Before Settling Your Case

In Tennessee, you only have one chance to settle your case, so it is important for you to have all your treatment completed before you consider a settlement offer from an insurance company.  There are some injuries that will require future medical treatment and that can be calculated with the help of your attorney and doctors.  If you do not require future medical care, be sure that your doctor has released you from care before you think about settling your case.

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